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Checkers - Draughts 3D


The game of checkers is simple and compelling.This version of the game, Checkers - Draughts 3D, wants to keep the spirit of the addictive classic board game and allow players to challenge a friend or improving their skills against the AI.Checkers - Draughts 3D is a free game suitable for smartphones and tablets, and is based on the rules of international checkers.On the game board there are 100 boxes, 50 white and 50 dark. On the shaded boxes are placed 20 white pieces and 20 black.The pieces move diagonally and capture opposing pieces by jumping into the empty space after the piece.Features Checkers - Draughts 3D:
. very nice graphics and attention to detail. Single Player or Multiplayer. choose white or black pieces you want to play. Artificial intelligence very accurate and with different levels of difficulty. Enables or disables the forced capture the pawn.
You just have to try Checkers - Draughts 3D, it's free and you can configure how you want to play solo or engage your friends in exciting tournaments.Get Checkers - Draughts 3D and have fun!